Float switch ST70AB use on water pump (Radar)


Float switch ST70AB use on water pump (Radar)

Application: The product is applicable to all kinds of water tank for maintaining level automatically,can be used to control water inflow or outflow,by means of direct pump control or acting as a control switch of a magnetic or combination stater.
Rated Voltage:220/ 110V AC
Rated Current:5A
Contacts A and B
Mechanical Endurance:1 million times
Electrical Endurance:100 thousand times
Control Range: 0.2-5.0 m
Temperature Limits:5-60 centigrade degree
Max. power:1 HP
Connection thread: 1″&3/4″male
Fittings completed with L-bracket for easy mounting, two floats to assure steady control

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Model Name ST-70Ab
Switch Float


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