Digital Temperature Controllers XMTD-5000 Series


XMT-5000 Series intelligent digital temperature controller whose core is a new micro-processor. With the advanced technology of the surface mounting and superb production processing, which makes the controller reliable performance and excellent control accuracy. The controller has a strong capability of anti-jamming and quick disturbance response, all the above functions can reach all kinds of temperature control requirements for our users. It can be widely used in the automatic control systems for the temperature, flow, pressure and liquid level of many industries such as mechanical, chemical, ceramics, light industry, metallurgy petrochemical, heat treatment, etc.

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Model No XMTD-5000
Size 72X72
Rated Voltage & Frequency AC 220v
Input K(type)
Alarm Mode 1 Alarm; 2 Alarms
Accuracy 1.0
Control Mode 2-Position Relay Control; Pid Relay/SSR Control
Control Type Digital

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