RST-25 Voltage Relay Three Phase


RST-25 Voltage Relay Three Phase
Mains voltage: 3χ400V, 40-60Hz
Power Supply : 185… 250V AC(Optional when placing order)
Power Consumption : 2VA
Ambient Temperature : 25° …65°
Phase Angle : 120°±8°@UN=UU
Under voltage : Adjustable to -25% UN
Overvoltage: Adjustable to +25% UN
Tripping time : 0.1…5 seconds
Life of the Instrument: 20χ106 mechanical switchings
Air-gap and Leakage path:Group C, 250V, VDE 0110
Relay Output: 1 C/0 contact, 16A, 250V VDE, SEV, SEMKO, AgCdO
High-voltage test: 2500V
Shock voltage test: 5KV VDE0435
Housing Type: 1P 40, DIN 40 050
Weight: 325g
Dimension: H=75mm, W=45mm, D=120mm

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